Windows Server2003サーバの仮想化


1から学ぶVMware on NetApp

VMware vSphere Clientを起動してからESXiホストを選択し、NetAppタブ内にあるDownloadボタンを押して



2. ESXiホストでmbralignツールを展開

3. 対象のゲストOSをシャットダウン(電源停止)
効果は一時的なものになりますが、オンラインでやりたい方はOptimization and Migration機能を調べてください。

4. ゲストOSの初期オフセットサイズを修正

# /opt/ontap/mbralign /vmfs/volumes/vol01/HOGE-Server/HOGE-Server.vmdk

WARNING: This version of mbralign is intended for ESXi configurations only.
         ESX servers that provide a supported console should use the mbralign
         that is included in the latest ESX Host Utilities.

         This version does not support Windows drive letter re-mapping. It can
         only align one vmdk file at a time.

         Since this program will not check for space before creating a new vmdk
         file of approximately the same size as the original, always check if enough
         free space is available in the datastore before running mbralign.

         The Virtual Machine must be powered off before running mbralign against
         the vmdk file

         A backup file of the vmdk file will be created and stored in the datastore
         alignment occurs in. If an error occurs, manually restore the vmdk file with
         the backup.

mbrtools esxi version 1.0

 Part    Type          old LBA    New Start LBA      New End LBA     Length in KB
   P1      07               63               64         41913586         20956761
   P2      07         41913585         41913600        146753790         52420095

This tool does not check for the existence of Virtual Machine snapshots or linked clones.
The use of this tool on a vmdk file that has a snapshot or linked clone associated with it
can result in unrecoverable data loss and/or data corruption.
Are you sure that no snapshots/linked clones exist for this vmdk? (y/n)y
Creating a backup of /vmfs/volumes/vol01/HOGE-Server/HOGE-Server.vmdk
Creating a backup of /vmfs/volumes/vol01/HOGE-Server/HOGE-Server-flat.vmdk
Creating a copy the Master Boot Record
Working on partition P1 (2): Starting to migrate blocks from 32256 to 32768.
12801 read ops in 5 sec.  28.46% read (18.87 mB/s).  28.46% written (18.87 mB/s)
Working on P2 (3): Starting to migrate blocks from 21459755520 to 21459763200.
12801 read ops in 5 sec.  99.90% read (17.88 mB/s).  99.90% written (17.88 mB/s)
Working on space not in any partition: Starting to migrate blocks.
100.00 percent complete.  100.00 percent written. .
Making adjustments to /vmfs/volumes/vol01/HOGE-Server/HOGE-Server-flat.vmdk.
WARNING: The backup NTFS boot sector did not match the primay, however it match the source.  This will be corrected.
WARNING: The backup NTFS boot sector did not match the primay, however it match the source.  This will be corrected.
Adjusting the descriptor file.

5. ゲストOSの起動
Windows OSの場合はすんなり起動してきます。