JUNOS OSのアップデート(11.2→12.1)


アップデート前のJUNOS OSバージョン:11.2R4.3
アップデート後のJUNOS OSバージョン:12.1R2.9

1.現在のJUNOS OSバージョンを確認

root@SRX210H> show version
Hostname: SRX210H
Model: srx210h
JUNOS Software Release [11.2R4.3]

2.FTPサーバからJUNOS OSをアップロード/アップデート

root@SRX210H> request system software add no-copy ftp://FTPユーザ:パスワード@FTPサーバのIPアドレス/junos-srxsme-12.1R2.9-domestic.tgz
/var/tmp/incoming-package.33218                       1036 kB 1036 kBps
Package contains junos-12.1R2.9.tgz ; renaming ...
NOTICE: Validating configuration against junos-12.1R2.9.tgz.
NOTICE: Use the 'no-validate' option to skip this if desired.
Formatting alternate root (/dev/da0s2a)...
/dev/da0s2a: 297.9MB (610044 sectors) block size 16384, fragment size 2048
        using 4 cylinder groups of 74.47MB, 4766 blks, 9600 inodes.
super-block backups (for fsck -b #) at:
 32, 152544, 305056, 457568
Checking compatibility with configuration
Verified manifest signed by PackageProduction_11_2_0
Verified junos-11.2R4.3-domestic signed by PackageProduction_11_2_0
Using junos-12.1R2.9-domestic from /altroot/cf/packages/install-tmp/junos-12.1R2.9-domestic
Copying package ...
Verified manifest signed by PackageProduction_12_1_0
Hardware Database regeneration succeeded
Validating against /config/juniper.conf.gz
cp: /cf/var/validate/chroot/var/etc/resolv.conf and /etc/resolv.conf are identical (not copied).
cp: /cf/var/validate/chroot/var/etc/hosts and /etc/hosts are identical (not copied).
mgd: commit complete
Validation succeeded
Validating against /config/rescue.conf.gz
mgd: commit complete
Validation succeeded
Installing package '/altroot/cf/packages/install-tmp/junos-12.1R2.9-domestic' ...
Verified junos-boot-srxsme-12.1R2.9.tgz signed by PackageProduction_12_1_0
Verified junos-srxsme-12.1R2.9-domestic signed by PackageProduction_12_1_0
JUNOS 12.1R2.9 will become active at next reboot
WARNING: A reboot is required to load this software correctly
WARNING:     Use the 'request system reboot' command
WARNING:         when software installation is complete
Saving state for rollback ...

3.アップデートしたJUNOS OSを適用するために機器を再起動

root@SRX210H> request system reboot
Reboot the system ? [yes,no] (no) yes
Shutdown NOW!
[pid 34176]
*** FINAL System shutdown message from root@SRX210H ***
System going down IMMEDIATELY

4.再起動後にJUNOS OSのバージョンを確認

root@SRX210H> show version
Hostname: SRX210H
Model: srx210h
JUNOS Software Release [12.1R2.9]



max-configurations-on-flash 5;
## Warning: statement ignored: unsupported platform (srx210h)
max-configuration-rollbacks 5;


Warningが出てる部分は、動作しているJUNOS OSでは未サポートなので

root@SRX210H# delete max-configuration-ro
syntax error.

root@SRX210H# delete max-configuration-rollbacks 5